Michinoku Park is located along Route 286, which links the cities of Sendai and Yamagata, about midway between Sendai and Yamagata, approximately one hour from either of them.
Michinoku Lakewood National Government Park

Time Area

Here boulders are arranged in the patterns of the motifs found on earthenware of the Jomon culture that was formerly centered on the Tohoku region, with the concept of the “origin of life created from chaos and the eternal flow of time while growing powerfully towards the future”.
An ammonite (from about 65 million years ago) found in Rumoi, Hokkaido, forms the center of a giant spiral made of 63 boulders.
Expressed are the origin of life (the ammonite), the expansion of human life (spirals made of marbles) and vibrant human life (the boulders).