Making lacquerware : Painters / Final coating

Making lacquerware : Painters / Final coating

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The final coat should be applied with special care to avoid attracting dust and dirt.
In the Aizu area, lacquer is spread at a stretch with a brush and a special tool called tebon or tegata.
Painted lacquerware should be placed in a dry bathtub to avoid attracting dust.

Spreading lacquer with a tebon and a spatula



Round tools of Aizu (bowls, etc.) should be painted completely during one stretch, except for the edges. For this purpose, tools specific to Aizu, called tebon or tegata, are used.

Lacquer brush

This special brush is used to spread lacquer. A bunch of women’s resilient hair is pinched in the cypress board.

The top and bottom must be occasionally replaced to avoid uneven coating (reversal).