Furusato Village

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Nostalgic days and the wisdom of life…Here you can see how people in our homeland Tohoku used to live with nature.

Furusato-mura aims to inform visitors of the rural landscape of our homeland Tohoku and of the wisdom of life that has been passed down through generations.
Kominka (traditional houses), which were used as living spaces at that time, are full of such memories. Massive pillars and beams testify to the amount of time that has passed as well as the emotions of the family members who lived there for generations.
Traditional houses from six prefectures of the Tohoku region, each with a specific style, as well as houses from part of the local Kawasaki Town submerged under the Kamafusa Dam, have been transferred to Furusato-mura. Elements such as rice paddies, fields, small streams and roadside stone monuments create the landscape of the homeland of the days gone by. Furusato-mura is an enjoyable place where you can learn about the wisdom of life from our predecessors.




釜房の家 本荘由利の家